About me

I’m an ecologist conducting innovative research applied to conservation science. My research focuses on understanding how human activities impact biological communities and providing evidence-based recommendations to maximise the effectiveness of conservation actions for biodiversity. 

My main areas of expertise include:

  1. Effects of anthropogenic disturbances (e.g. habitat fragmentation and agricultural intensification) on wildlife populations;
  2. Evaluation of conservation actions (e.g. habitat restoration and implementation of agri-environment schemes) for biodiversity;
  3. Landscape ecology (e.g. influence of landscape composition and spatial arrangement on biological communities).

EFM_photo_BLE_releaseTo address these subjects I work with a variety of taxa with different life-history traits (e.g. habitat specificity and dispersal abilities), particularly bats, non-flying small mammals and invertebrates. My research integrates field-based surveying methods, spatial analyses and advances statistical techniques to describe complex ecological processes.